Community Benefits at the Heart of Mid Atlantic Wind Conference in State College, PA

Windustry is pleased to announce the program for  Community Wind across America regional conference in State College, PA, February 8-9, 2011.

In a program designed to address the most current issues and best practices in distributed wind energy development, regional and national speakers take up the subjects of growing the market, local involvement and investment, public policy and national energy independence. Breakout sessions delve into the specifics of what's needed to advance and build Community and Small Wind energy projects in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

When: February 8-9, 2011
Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel, State College, PA


"In this conference we demonstrate that local communities can benefit from distributed wind development while, as a nation, we diversify our home grown energy sources. We’re inviting new folks into the wind and renewable energy conversation and providing the opportunity for interested individuals to build a network of distributed energy experts dedicated to new industry, jobs and economic growth."
—Lisa Daniels, Windustry Executive Director

National Leaders Speak to Current Issues

Distributed Energy and Energy Security frame keynote addresses from Jacques Beaudry-Losique, Wind and Water Program Manager, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, US DOE; Jessica Zufolo, Deputy Administrator for Rural Utilities Service, USDA; John Hanger, former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and James Woolsey, former CIA Director and energy independence advocate.

Stories From the Field Illustrate Cooperation and Innovative Business Models at work

LCSWMA - PPL Wind Turbines
Wind turbine erected at Frey Farm Landfill, Conestoga, PA for Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority by PPL Renewable Energy, September 2010.

Regional success stories to be highlighted include the Frey Farm Wind project in Lancaster County. Jim Warner, CEO of Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority (LCSWM), will give an on-the-ground perspective of this wind energy project, describing the unique partnership between LCSWM Authority and PPL Renewable Energy, and what it took to get it going.

Robert Michael Specter, CBO for University of Delaware (UD), will also be on hand to highlight the wind development on UD Lewes Campus that meets its electricity needs and works as an educational and research tool. Guests will also hear from Roy Butler who has owned and operated a small wind turbine to power his home and business for many years.

Two Days - Two Tracks

The conference will feature eighteen program sessions that examine the details of locally-owned, utility-scale and residential wind energy development, including: Emerging Business Models, Mid-sized Wind Turbines, Education and Community Engagement, Permitting for Wind Projects in the Mid Atlantic Region, and Examples of How Small Wind can Work for You.

Day one ends with a reception and screening of "Wind Uprising," a documentary that chronicles the developmental saga of an entrepreneur and an engineer who broke trail for wind energy in their home state of Utah. They worked through legislative barriers, fickle investors, power purchasing conundrums, and a 'Not In My Back Yard' resistance from area residents.

Attendees include rural landowners, community leaders, elected officials, clean energy advocates, state and federal agencies, zoning and permitting officials, wind developers, educators and academics, economic development professionals, and national leaders.

This event follows Windustry’s 2010 conferences in the Rocky Mountain and Midwest regions, where attendees remarked on the strong networking environment and high professional quality of the national and regional leaders present. More Community Wind across America events will be announced in 2011.

REGISTER online for this conference or phone 612-870-3477.