Community Wind across America Regional Conferences Continue in 2011

Community Wind and Small Wind Energy conferences provide necessary tools for locally-owned projects.

Windustry continues the Community Wind across America conferences series with an event for the Mid Atlantic Region, February 8-9, 2011. It follows 2010 events in the Rocky Mountain and Midwest regions.

Jacques Beaudry-Losique
Jacques Beaudry-Losique
Wind and Water Program
Manager, U.S. DOE

The conferences cover Community Wind and Small Wind in a two-track program, providing the full range of what's needed to advance opportunities for locally-owned wind energy production. The Mid Atlantic program includes a keynote address from Jacques Beaudry-Losique, Wind and Water Program Manager at the U.S. Department of Energy, former CIA Director James Woolsey, a renewable energy and energy security advocate.

The conferences are for anyone interested in. benefiting from wind energy production: Rural landowners, local investors, and community leaders, farmers, municipal utilities, elected officials, town planners, tribal representatives, economic development professionals, business leaders, educators, investors, and bankers. Attendees will:

  • Gain breadth of knowledge on distributed energy.
  • Learn about economic development from local involvement in wind power.
  • Hear about landowner options for wind energy and new business models.
  • Develop an essential network of industry experts.

Said Lisa Daniels, Windustry Executive Director:
"Our Community Wind across America conferences are for people interested in commercial and residential development. The key goal is to help keep the economic benefits as local as possible while, as a nation, we change our energy sources. We need a diverse set of solutions for a robust economy and diverse society and we want everyone interested to join the conversation."

Two Days - Two Tracks
Practical information is provided along two tracks: how to put together a Community Wind project and topics on Small Wind such as how to choose a turbine, installation, and rebates and grants.
Community Wind Track
sessions cover: Financing, policy, emerging business models, and incentives for community-own wind; case studies on innovative utilities and public power, project development; landowner options; how the characteristics of mid-sized turbines with a capacity rating of 100-1000kW meet the needs of Community Wind projects, and best practices on successfully introducing a wind project to a community. Small Wind Track sessions will address how to get started, present examples, give an overview of the wide variety of new machines available and talk about the importance of Small Wind Certification.

A film screening of Wind Uprising is also planned. The documentary follows the turbulent path and final success of a Utah wind farm developer and engineer.  

Response from conferences in Rocky Mountain and midwest regions:

"Speaking one on one with attendees and presenters was very valuable. I was able to get personal responses to specific question."

"The speakers were top notch; they went into the detail I was hoping to hear, and it was a perfect environment to get answers and make good connections. Well done!"

"Overall excellent event, great overview and I made some important contacts. The Wind Uprising film was good."

"The sessions that showed practical experience and alternative financing structures very strong."

Support for Community Wind across America comes from U.S. Department of Energy funding and national partnering Nordic WindPower. REGISTRATION is available at or by phoning Catherine O' Neill at 612-870-3477.