Community Wind Energy 2008 Conference Proceedings Now Available

Windustry’s Community Wind Energy 2008 was a national conference bringing economic development, agriculture and wind energy together to advance opportunities for locally-owned clean energy production. Over 400 attendees from 36 states, 4 provinces and 5 countries shared experiences and information to harness the growing momentum for new models, new policies and new projects.

The conference featured dynamic plenary sessions and eighteen exciting and informative breakout sessions covering both Community Wind and Residential and Small Scale Wind.

Presentations topics included everything from policy to new markets to the basic how-to of putting up a wind turbine.

On the proceedings disc, you’ll find more than 28 hours of MP3 audio recordings of the sessions and speakers, including question and answer sessions. You’ll also find PDF copies of presenters’ slides.

If you were a registered participant in the conference, a copy has been mailed to you. If you were unable to attend the event, you may still purchase a copy.

Click here to see the conference program.