#GivingTuesday 2014

Paul Bunyon here, reporting in on WindustrySince everyone's so excited about Giving Tuesday on December 2, I thought I would let you know that I need your support for Windustry so that we can get more wind energy success stories out there. The reason I chose to give up my life of leisure with Babe the Blue Ox, and started hanging around this summer at Windustry’s Wind Energy Center, is that I was inspired by the wind stories I was overhearing from the many visitors. They were telling about the impact Windustry has by sharing solid information, clearing up myths (hey, if the shoe fits…) and providing technical assistance.

That is why I decided to trade a few of my hours in the North Woods for sending e-mails like this.  I am kind of a big guy and it’s hard for my hands to use a keyboard but I am working to highlight what Windustry does… because I truly believe that it takes all kinds of wind projects to get us going in an environmentally sustainable direction.

Clean local energy is an important issue for our elected officials and requires a clear strong champion.

So on Giving Tuesday, please consider making it a true day of giving by dedicating some of your donation dollars to our friend, Windustry. Click here to visit our online donation webpage.  

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Windustry's mission is to promote sustainable energy solutions and empower communities to develop and own clean energy assets.  As an independent voice acting in support of communities, we work, through education, outreach, and advocacy, to advance broad community ownership of renewable energy.