National Farmers Union Supports Community Wind

National Farmers Union (NFU) expressed support for Sen. Chuck Grassley’s, R-Iowa amendments, that would make permanent the wind production tax credit (PTC), and urged the committee to support Grassley’s efforts.

NFU President Tom Buis said Grassley’s efforts would provide the means to reach our nation’s greatest potential for generating significant amounts of clean, renewable energy from wind and biomass. Buis went on to urge Grassley to expand the amendment by making the PTC applicable against active income, not just passive income, and fully refundable for community-based projects.

“Many potential community-based projects are at an economic disadvantage, lacking sufficient levels of passive income necessary to fully utilize the PTC,” Buis said. “Additionally, it has become increasingly difficult to procure wind generators and associated equipment for community wind projects due to their relative small size and the shift toward large-scale development processes.”

“Renewable electricity generation from rural communities is a largely untapped resource,” Buis said. “With the potential to supply significant amounts of U.S. energy needs within the near future, federal policies such as Grassley’s amendments, are necessary to foster the development of locally-owned and community based renewable electricity projects.”

Both the US House and Senate have included PTC extensions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Support for Grassley's extension of the PTC also comes from the American Corn Growers Association. For more information read "Grassley works to bolster wind energy production."