Nebraska Public Power District RFP for Renewable Generators under 10MW

Nebraska Public Power District announced a Request for Proposals to purchase electric generation capacity, energy, and associated environmental attributes from small renewable electric generators under 10MW.

Projects must be PURPA Qualifying Facilities and must be larger than the maximum size allowed for net metering with the interconnecting utility. The maximum net-metering size for NPPD is 25kw, while the maximum size varies for wholesale customers.

Projects 2-10MW will contract with NPPD while projects under 2MW (but greater than the maximum net metering limit) will either contract with NPPD or its wholesale customer. 

Additonally there is available $300,000 annually for all projects selected under this RFP to help the utility (not the project) cover the difference between the prices of energy and environmental attributes from a project and the expected market price for energy. This was included as a response to the same RFP issued in 2009 where all proposals were rejected due to differences in proposed pricing and the wholesale energy market prices at that time. 

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