Opportunity to Invest in Minnesota Wind Power

We hear regularly from people who would like to support community wind energy development but who don't own windy land. Urban dwellers who wish they could do more to promote wind energy and who want to see wind energy development done in a way that benefits local economies will be interested in this article containing information about an intrastate public offering to Minnesota residents interested in investing in wind energy projects in Dodge, Olmsted and Mower counties.

Please heed the standard investment cautions contained in the press release referred to in "more information" and note that Windustry is not in the business of giving financial advice. Any investment decisions made are solely the responsibility of the investor.

Although investing may be your first priority, you can also invest in spreading the word about wind energy. By supporting education and outreach efforts, you can help play a role in the larger shift to wind energy nationwide. Learn how you can support organizations like Windustry.

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