Power Through Policy: Best Practices for Cost-Effective Distributed Wind Survey

The project, "Power Through Policy: Best Practices for Cost-Effective Distributed Wind," will identify policies most helpful in making consumer-owned wind turbines more affordable, measuring the impact of various policy combinations on the cost of energy, and highlighting attractive state and utility markets for small wind turbines that offer the quickest return on investment. The project will use a financial model to determine which policy options have the most impact on improving the bottom line of small-scale wind turbines. We will prepare case studies of effective combinations of local, state and federal policy measures such as incentives, portfolio standards, net metering rules, renewable energy credits (Green Tags), carbon credits, and zoning to provide tangible examples of different scenarios based on the existing policy landscape.

Your input will greatly aid the project in addressing a key market challenge and helping to ensure public dollars supporting small wind technology are spent wisely. With improved policies in place, wind turbines sited near the point of use can quickly ramp up to meet local demand, allowing distributed wind to play an important role in our energy future. 

You may provide responses to one of the 3 following versions of the survey:

Current owners of small wind turbines (up to 100 kW)
Advocates, incentive managers and policy makers
Manufacturers, distributors and dealers