Request for Proposal for Small Wind System in Mahtomedi, MN

The Mahtomedi Area Green Initiative (MAGI) is soliciting letters of interest and project proposals, including specifications and good-faith cost estimates, for the installation of a small wind turbine near the Mahtomedi High School campus in the Fall of 2009.

The Zephyr Wind Project is a comprehensive, community-driven project to bring renewable energy to the Mahtomedi area and serve as an educational tool for students and the community. In addition to providing a small amount of clean energy to Independent School District 832, this first phase of the project intends to analyze the potential for additional, larger installations of wind energy in the area.

This project provides a great opportunity for a renewable energy installer/dealer to be part of a grassroots, community effort that is unique in the numerous partnerships that have already been established.

Proposals are due by 5 p.m. CDT, June 29, 2009, and must be submitted electronically in one file in either PDF or MS-Word to: [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you describe more about the electrical system configuration that the inverter would be tying into, such as phase and voltage of the grid?

Exact specifications would be available from Xcel Energy, the local utility, and the vendor would be responsible for determining the optimum connection. There are multiple up-to-date underground lines in the immediate area (within one hundred yards) for stadium lights, scoreboard, press box, parking lot lights, and a large municipal well.

2. How far would the conduit need to be trenched from the base to the point of interconnection?

Less than 100 yards, exact distance not certain at this time.

3. Has the groundwork with the permitting and zoning officials to allow up to 125' tower height been laid?

Yes, the Mahtomedi City Council adopted an ordinance 6/16/09, specifying a maximum generation capacity of 40 kW, maximum rotor hub height of 125', maximum rotor diameter of 45'.

4. Is there any preference for a monopole or a lattice style tower?

Monopole is preferred but we recognize that the costs could be a barrier. Bidders are welcome to estimate it both ways.

5. Is this RFP for a total turnkey installed project or will the foundation work be preformed by another party, etc?

The final project is "turnkey" but MAGI will continue to seek in-kind donations for portions of the project. Proposals should include total turnkey costs, but successful bidders can bring in their own in-kind partners or be willing to accept and work with community donations brought by other parties.

6. The budget seems somewhat tight. Would MAGI be able to provide any part of the installation (e.g., soil test, excavation, foundation)?

MAGI is seeking donations of these services and materials, and would look favorably on vendors who are able to attract these donations or who are willing to accept them as a way to lower project costs. If the budget still seems tight, our suggestion is for vendors to submit their best proposal in the 10 kW range, and keep in mind our suggestion to either seek in-kind contributions or be open to those we may able to bring to the table ourselves as a way to keep costs down. (For example, donation of a concrete pad, site prep services, or the electronics to allow Internet access to real-time data. There are other possibilities too.) We are not limited to 10 kW, but at this time the local ordinance limits us to 40 kW.

More information regarding the Mahtomedi Area Green Initiative and a copy of the RFP are available at Additional questions regarding the Zephyr Wind Project can be sent to [email protected] or call 651-426-5052.

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