Summer 2009 Intern

Position Announcement

Windustry is seeking interns for the Summer of 2009 in temporary full-time positions, lasting approximately three to four months. Windustry’s summer interns will work on a variety of projects including the areas of Communications/Media, Research Assistant, and Events Coordinator.

Windustry is a non-profit based in Minneapolis. Windustry promotes progressive energy solutions and empowers communities to develop wind energy for the benefit of their economies and the environment. Through independent outreach, education and advocacy we work to remove the barriers to broad community ownership of wind energy.

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Windustry’s summer interns will work on a variety of projects, depending on our program needs and the intern’s interests and skills. No one individual is expected to possess all of the skills listed below. Applicants are invited to express interest in more than one program area, however please only submit one application. Possible intern positions include:

The Communications/Media intern will assist program staff with research, writing and media production. Duties may include:

  • Responding to information requests on our Wind Information Hotline;
  • Updating and creating website content;
  • Digital Asset Management of photographs, logo/identity graphics, and publications;
  • Webinar and podcast production assistance;
  • Web Video production of public service announcements and short promotional features; and
  • Other projects as assigned.

Research Assistant
The Research Assistant intern will assist program staff with research, wind energy outreach and information dissemination. Duties may include:

  • Updating and expanding Windustry’s collection of community wind case studies;
  • Updating and creating outreach publications;
  • Policy research at the federal, state and local level;
  • Updating a database of community wind projects;
  • Responding to information requests on our Wind Information Hotline; and
  • Other projects as assigned.

Events Coordinator
The Events Coordinator intern will be primarily focused on planning, managing and staffing Windustry’s Wind Energy Center at the Minnesota State Fair’s Eco Experience. This intern must have the ability to work closely with a wide variety of people. Duties may include:

  • Developing display materials and expanding hands-on activities for the exhibit;
  • Creating and implementing a volunteer training program;
  • Recruiting, coordinating and managing 90-100 volunteers;
  • Coordinating exhibit set-up and tear-down; and
  • Other projects as assigned.

A successful candidate will:

  • Be a college graduate.
  • Experienced in public policy, natural resources, event planning, communications, new media, or related fields.
  • Demonstrated interest in wind energy and enthusiasm for learning about environmental and renewable energy issues.
  • Possess excellent writing, editing and oral communications skills.
  • Be experienced using computer and web software.
  • Be self-motivated and able to meet deadlines.
  • Available to work through the Minnesota State Fair (Labor Day).

Summer interns will be paid $10.00 an hour.

Duration & Appointment:
This is a temporary full time position, lasting approximately 3-4 months. Start date is flexible; however applicants must be available to work through Labor Day.

Applications will be accepted until Monday, April 13, 2009. Send cover letter and resume to David Tidball at [email protected] or in care of Windustry, 2105 1st Ave S, Minneapolis MN 55404.

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