State Fair 2014

Windustry presented the Wind Energy Center within the Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair:
August 21 - September 1, 2014.


The Wind Energy Center is an interactive, museum-quality display within the Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair, in partnership with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Developed and presented by Windustry and partners, it teaches hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans each year about our great wind resource and how wind energy can provide both environmental and economic benefits to Minnesotans. 2014 was the ninth year of the Wind Energy Center, inspiring visitors to actively support and participate in small, midsize, and large wind energy development in Minnesota.

To get a virtual look at our 2014 exhibits, click here.


Volunteers play a vital role in helping to make our exhibit a success.  Thank you to all of our volunteers for helping out at the State Fair!

Wind Energy Center 2014 Partners

We can't do it without our partners! Thanks to all of the Wind Energy Center partners who helped make this possible.

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