Partner with Windustry in the Eco Experience at the MN State Fair

Show 350,000 Minnesotans how you are helping the State use Wind Energy to grow business, jobs, and a clean, fuel-independent future!

This year, we’re bringing a Yes In My Community! message to the 350,000 State Fair goers who will visit The Wind Energy Center, August 25 - September 5, 2011, in The Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair. Our interactive exhibit will emphasize how Wind is a cost effective, reliable, clean resource that provides economic development, jobs and revenue to Minnesota citizens.

You can  support this message by becoming a Wind Energy Center Partner. Please see the form for 2011 Wind Energy Center Partner Levels, Benefits, and Roles.>>>

Wind CenterThe State Fair is an ideal environment to engage the public on the benefits of Wind Energy. The Eco Experience is among the most popular exhibits at the Fair and just about everyone who visits stops to examine the Minnesota Wind Map; others talk to wind industry experts about:
  • How clean Wind Energy is
  • The types and sizes of turbines that work in Minnesota
  • The diversity of jobs in the industry
  • How Wind can work for them

Just as important, the Wind Energy Center presents facts, refutes myths, and brings more people around to saying Yes in My Community!

This is Windustry’s sixth year partnering with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the State Fair to create an informative and engaging exhibit. Your involvement will help us create a fun and interactive exhibit that fits in with The Eco Experience’s lush rain gardens, live entertainment, and cutting-edge displays on renewable energy, new fuels and vehicles, and organic farming.

Partnering in the Wind Energy Center benefits your company; many farmers, ranchers, and rural business owners from Minnesota and our neighboring states make it a point to visit the exhibit. Together we will show all Minnesotans that Wind is a strong and viable industry in this State. I encourage you to join us! Response needed by May 6, 2011

Wind Center The Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair


  • Encourages Minnesotans to buy more green products and services.
  • Provides support for MN businesses to produce green products and provide green services.
  • Presents the opportunity for Minnesotans to gain the knowledge that will help them support healthy ecosystems.
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