Policy and Research

Do you want to learn more about local, state, and federal wind policy? Are you curious about a specific area of wind energy and need more resources? Are you looking to better understand or help others understand why wind is so important? You have come to the right place!

Policy Information

Find information about policy that affects both wind energy in general and community wind specifically in the Policy Information section. These resources will be useful both to people trying to figure out how existing policies affect them, and to elected officials and others trying to figure out how they can create and improve policies for wind and community wind. There is information on Local, State, and Federal policy as well as resources and community-based energy development in the policy section.

Benefits of Wind and Community Wind

If you are looking to learn more about wind and community wind and their importance in the world today, this is the place to go! Also, if you are looking to help others understand why wind is an important renewable resource and why community wind is beneficial, this is a great place to start. After this section you may learn more in Wind Basics and the Community Wind Toolbox.