Electricity from Wind: A New Lesson for Schools

Spirit Lake School District in Iowa


Forest City School District


Wray School District RD-2

  • Jay Clapper: 970-332-5758 ext. 3773; [email protected]. Clapper sometimes visits other districts with a presentation to help them get started with school wind projects.



This MS Word document from the Wind Powering America program describes how schools are harnessing the wind.

Click here to download a copy.

Harvest the Wind: A Wind Energy Handbook for Illinois

This handbook was prepared by Windustry for the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs at Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois and published January 1, 2004. The purpose of this handbook is to inform the reader about wind as a resource for generating electricity, with emphasis on Illinois as a potential host for small-scale and large-scale projects. It addresses how to assess the value of wind, the wind energy options available for landowners and communities to consider, and sources of financial assistance. Case studies are included to illustrate what has been done to develop this resource in Illinois and neighboring states. Find it the Illinois Website  download here.


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