Community Wind Webinar from the Mid-Atlantic/ Southeastern Regional Wind Energy Institute - January 14, 2008

Windustry's own Lisa Daniels and Rebecca Pilcher-Cleland were two of the speakers for this webinar aimed at people interested in Community Wind in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states.

Also presenting were representatives of the Hull Wind project in Hull, MA.

Topics on the webinar include:

  • an overview to starting a community wind project (Rebecca Pilcher-Cleland);
  • financial structures for community wind projects (Lisa Daniels);
  • and a first hand account of community acceptance from Hull, MA (Andrew Stern/ Malcolm Brown).

Webinar: Wind Energy Easements

Watch Windustry's web-based presentation on Wind Energy Easements from May 9th, 2007.
(Presented in conjunction with Colorado State University Extension Service and Iowa State University Extension Service.)

Click here to view now.

Lisa Daniels, Windustry
John Covert, Colorado Working Landscapes


Windustry's Executive Director, Lisa Daniels talks about common issues related to wind energy leases and easments and discusses other options for landowners as well as sharing some community wind success stories from Minnesota and Iowa.

John Covert, of Colorado Working Landscapes talks briefly about recent wind legislation in Colorado that increasethe options for farmer- and community-owned wind projects in that state.

Webinar: The New Federal Tax Exempt Bonding Bill for Community Energy

The New Federal Tax Exempt Bonding Bill for Community Energy webinar was recorded on June 1, 2007.

The proposed Rural Community Renewable Energy Bonds Act (S. 672), introduced by Sen. Ken Salazar (D-CO) and Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR), would provide tax exempt private purpose bonds to fund locally owned community energy projects, e.g. those under 40 MW with at least 49% local ownership. If enacted, this bill would give local community energy project developers a better alternative to federal renewable energy production tax credit funding.

To view just the slides from the presentations, click on the links in the list of speakers, below.

Speakers include:

John Covert
Executive Director, Colorado Working Landscapes (Introduction)
Presentation: Introduction

Lisa Daniels
Executive Director, Windustry (Moderator)
Presentation: Financing Locally Owned Wind Projects

Steve Black
Energy Advisor to Senator Salazar

Gregory Johnson
Partner, Patton Boggs, LLP
Presentation: New Financing Opportunities for Renewable Energy

Lee White
Executive Vice-President, George K. Baum & Company
Presentation: Financing Renewable Energy Projects

Andy Olsen
Environmental Law and Policy Center
Presentation: Next Steps

For more information about the Rural Community Renewable Energy Bond Act contact:

Lee White
Renewable Energy Finance Coalition (http://www.refcoalition.com)
[email protected]

Webinar Sponsored by:
Renewable Energy Finance Coalition
Environmental Law and Policy Center


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