Community Wind Energy 2008: Downloadable Flyers

This page contains downloadable versions of promotional materials for Community Wind Energy 2008.

Please feel free to download and distribute these to any interested parties.

There are currently six flyers offered:

  • CWE08Brochure.pdf: the official conference brochure with agenda information and a registration form.
  • CWE2008 small.pdf: a low-resolution, full-page PDF version suitable for emailing or posting on the web.
  • CWE2008 print quality.pdf: a high-resolution, full-page PDF version suitable for printing
  • CW08 Promo Flyer4 Half Sheet.pdf: a high-resolution, half-page version suitable for printing
  • Exhibit and Sponsor Info 2008.pdf: information about becoming an exhibitor or sponsor of Community Wind Energy 2008.
  • CWE08Postcard: a postcard-sized "Save the Date" flyer, suitable for printing

Please direct any questions to Windustry at the contact information at the bottom of this page.