Free Windustry Sticker!

You can receive a free Windustry sticker featuring our popular "Milk This" poster art. These glossy stickers are printed on 60 lb. paper and feature a durable, water-resistant UV-coating--not to mention that they're perfectly sized for your water bottle!

To receive your sticker:

  1. Register on the Windustry web site (this will also give you access to premium content).
  2. Log in using your new registration information.
  3. Add a name and valid U.S. or Canadian address to your user profile.

If you are already registered on our web site, simply add an address to your profile.

Once you've entered a name and address on your profile, we'll send you a sticker to say thank you!

(We promise not to sell, share or distribute the contact information you share outside of Windustry!)

If you have any questions or need help with your user profile, please email or call us at 612-870-3461.