Wind Turbine Syndrome: Myths and Facts Webinar

This webinar was hosted by Windustry and the Great Lakes Regional Wind Energy Institute with support from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on February 11, 2010. The webinar provided a discussion of the myths and facts behind wind turbine syndrome and how scientific research is used to both support and deny the claims made.

Presenters for Wind Turbine Syndrome: Myths and Facts included:

  • W. David Colby, M.D.: Chatham-Kent Medical Officer of Health (Acting); Associate Professor, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, University of Western Ontario
  • Geoff Leventhall, Ph.D.: Consultant in Noise Vibration and Acoustics, UK

Download slides from the webinar:

Additional information is available from the American Wind Energy Association in the report "Wind Turbine Sound and Health Effects: An Expert Panel Review."

The Australian National Health and Medical Research Council released their summary report concluding that no evidence exists to positively link wind turbines with adverse health effects. The public statement and review of the evidence can be found at the NHMRC website

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