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Thedford Wind Energy Informational Meeting


The Thedford Community Development Corporation invites the public to an informational meeting on wind energy at Stub’s Restaurant in Thedford June 26, starting at 7 p.m.

Representatives from Nebraska Farmers Union will be on hand to discuss Nebraska's Community-Based Energy Development and explain the benefits of locally owned energy development.

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Opportunity to Invest in Minnesota Wind Power

June 13, 2008 - 9:31am -- Anonymous

We hear regularly from people who would like to support community wind energy development but who don't own windy land. Urban dwellers who wish they could do more to promote wind energy and who want to see wind energy development done in a way that benefits local economies will be interested in this article containing information about an intrastate public offering to Minnesota residents interested in investing in wind energy projects in Dodge, Olmsted and Mower counties.

"Repowering and Used Turbines" from Leonardo Energy

As the first generations of wind turbines reach the end of their original deployment, there is growing interest in the used turbine market.

Just as you would be cautious and need to do due diligence when purchasing a used car, caution is of the utmost importance in considering used turbines.

There aren't many resources out there about used turbines, but here is a link to an April 2008 report from Leonardo Energy talking about the used turbine market. 

"Broadening Wind Energy Ownership by Changing Federal Incentives" from the New Rules Project

This April 2008 report from the New Rules Project discusses how simple changes to the federal production tax credit (PTC) and SEC registration process for cooperatives could significantly reduce barriers to community ownership of wind.

Download the report from the New Rules website here:

Presentations from March 17, 2008 GLRWEI Meet-Up in Detroit

Click on the following links to download resources and presentations from the March 17, 2008 Meet-Up in Detroit:

Click here to download a copy of the meeting agenda.

Click here to return to the GLRWEI home page.

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"Wind Energy Guide for County Commissioners" from NACO

This guide from the National Association of Counties was released in November, 2006. According to the NACO website, "this publication is designed to provide county commissioners, planners, and other local county government officials with a practical overview of information required to successfully implement commercial wind energy projects in their county."

Click here to download the guide from the NACO website.


Wind Energy Siting Handbook from AWEA

According to the AWEA website, "The Wind Energy Siting Handbook was developed by the AWEA Siting Committee to inform wind energy developers and other interested parties about environmental siting issues relevant to land-based commercial-scale wind energy project development in the United States.

"This handbook has been designed to provide technical information and useful tools based on the industry’s collective experience in siting wind energy projects and assessing potential impacts."

Click here to go to the AWEA website to download this 178-page document.

South Dakota PUC Interconnection Workshop


The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission will host an interconnection workshop March 18-19, 2008, in Pierre. The workshop will be held at the Kings Inn Hotel and Conference Center, 110 E. Sioux Ave. This will be the first of several workshops designed to develop a statewide best practices model for connecting small generating facilities to the electric grid.

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