Wind Energy Center 2014 Exhibits

Have a virtual look at our 2014 exhibits!
123 foot blade installed vertically near the entrance to the Eco Experience building at the Minnesota State Fair.
Windustry Exhibits in the Eco Experience Building
Replica base of a wind turbine that would produce between 250 and 750 kilowatts. The inside of this object has a mounted screen for displaying educational videos.
An interactive display with 3 buttons showing how electricity flows when you have a small renewable energy (RE) system of solar and wind. The 3 buttons illustrate the situations of a) No on-site electricity generation, b) Less on-site generation than you need, and c) More on-site generation than you need.
Poster describing the policies and history of net metering in Minnesota.
Wind resource maps can be used to estimate the wind resource in any region of the state. This map estimates areas that are well exposed to the wind, such as plains and hilltops. It is for a height of 80 meters—which is a height that community wind projects would commonly sit.
Visitors can have their picture taken in front of the Windustry logo and put into a button/ pin with the words "Generate with Gust-O."