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Communities and Farmers Learn How to Harvest the Wind at Conference

Pennsylvania farmer Marty Yahner attended the Community Wind Across America Conference for the Mid-Atlantic region in February 2011 for two reasons: first he spent the last year planning to put a wind turbine up on his on property, and he said "in addition to that, I'm here as a local developer, trying to develop a 30MW project in northern Cambria County on my farmland and the surrounding farmland around us."

“Rural landowners, rural communities, municipalities, and community leaders learned what it takes to put a wind project in the ground, so that they can realize the economic development that wind energy brings.”

Yahner was impressed with the good information at the conference and the level of enthusiasm, saying "There's a lot of passion in the wind industry." Hundreds of conference attendees shared in that passion as "rural landowners, rural communities, municipalities, and community leaders learned what it takes to put a wind project in the ground, so that they can realize the economic development that wind energy brings," explained Lisa Danniels, Windustry Executive Director.

Farm landscape with small wind turbine

Reporter Kristine Allen, with NPR affiliate WPSU, produced an in-depth feature on the Community Wind across America Mid Atlantic conference, held in State College, PA, February 8 and 9, 2011. Allen noted, "At this conference they're not talking about the huge wind farms you've seen on TV commercials, here the focus is on smaller scale projects that can be done by local communities or even by individual homeowners."

Listen to the Community Wind Across America news feature to hear more about how farmers and communities learn to harvest the wind at a Windustry conference:

WPSU news on PA Community Wind Conference

If your browser cannot load the audio, access the news story on the WPSU website.

Find Out More about the upcoming Community Wind Across America Northeast Regional Conference in Albany, NY, October 26-28, 2011.

Community Wind Across America

Community Wind across America conferences to reach Great Lakes and Northeast regions in 2011


Windustry is pleased to announce two Community Wind across America regional conferences in the coming months

June 24- 26, 2011: The Michigan Energy Fair, Ludington, Michigan

Windustry is excited to partner with Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association to present a full Community and Small Wind program at the 6th annual Michigan Energy Fair at the Mason County Fairgrounds. Topics include: Wind Energy Basics; Introduction to Community Wind; Case Studies of Community and Small Wind; Small Wind Assessment; Landowner Leasing and pooling; Wind Siting and Zoning in Michigan.

Registration for the Michigan Energy Fair includes attending the Community and Small Wind program. You may Register Online in advance or at the fair gates.

Find out more about the Community and Small Wind program
Visit the website for the Michigan Energy Fair

October 26-28, 2011: The Desmond Hotel, Albany, New York

Windustry brings practical “how to” information on Community and Small Wind to the Northeast Region. National experts will provide the full range of what's needed for rural landowners, local investors, and community leaders to unlock the economic growth potential of locally-owned wind energy. Watch for more information on this event. Interested in sponsorships and exhibiting? Email [email protected] or call 612-870-3477

Community Wind Across America regional conferences are made possible in part by grant from the Department of Energy, as part of the 20% Wind by 2030 Initiative, to bring hundreds of stakeholders together to learn from each other and experts in the renewable energy field.  Since 2010, Windustry has held conferences in the Colorado for the Rocky Mountain region; Minnesota for the Midwest, and Pennsylvania for the Mid Atlantic.

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