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  • commented on How much do wind turbines cost? 2015-12-07 09:34:32 -0600
    @molly Gourneau the price of a wind turbine is not worth the truble and that doubles with solar panels. the initial investment of the two is very expencive then you have upkeep, the solar panels need to be wiped down and if its just for your home you will more than likely have them installed on the roof, what happens when you climb up there to clean them (they have to be cleaned or the power income will dwindle to vertually nothing) when you climb up there and fall. or when you have to sevice your wind mill. all in all the risk and reward dont balance out. and fyi not to poke holes in your thoughts of the tv but we live in modern times the tv takes so little energy its unreal but running your house on it well trial and error will show you.