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Report Uses Cases Studies to Explore Community Wind

Lessons & Concepts for Advancing Community Wind, released by The Minnesota Project, seeks to advance the development of community-based wind projects in the United States by drawing keys to success and policy recommendations from three compelling Midwestern case studies.

Wind energy continues to experience double digit growth rates because of the relatively cheap technology and the widespread availability of wind resources, and numerous studies have now shown that locally-owned wind projects produce disproportionate benefits to the local community and region where they are built. This presents community wind energy development as a stand-out opportunity for communities across America to pursue locally-owned projects that will help meet their electricity needs and contribute to energy independence while also providing tremendous economic benefits. 

Report Contents:

  • Section I: Community Wind Case Studies
    • Winona County, MN
    • City of Willmar, MN
    • Miner County, SD
  • Section II: Keys to Success
    • Visioning & Planning
    • Project Leadership
    • Involving the Community
    • Financing & Pricing
  • Section III: Solutions for Advancing Community Wind
    • Dispersed Generation Studies
    • Siting & Permitting Standardization
    • Establishing or Improving C-BED Legislation
    • Rural Utility Service Loans
    • Investment Tax Credit or Cash Grant
    • Net Metering
    • Advanced Renewable Tariffs
    • Standard Offer Contracts
    • Increasing Renewable Portfolio Standards

Challenges & Opportunities of Public-Private Energy Partnerships - Private Ownership


Times are EDT - This webinar hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy is for those considering launching or supporting energy efficiency or renewable energy programs involving both public and private parties. It is part of a set of webinars on leveraging private and public financing for long term energy efficiency investments and includes an overview of effective new models being implemented.

This presentation will address: 

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Stimulus Incentives Benefit Community Wind

January 5, 2010 - 9:49am -- Anonymous

A new report from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory reveals how the 30% investment tax credit (ITC) and cash grant equivalent have increased benefits for the development of Community Wind projects. “Revealing the Hidden Value that the Federal Investment Tax Credit and Treasury Cash Grant Provide To Community Wind Projects” analyzes the impact of new federal policies for wind farm investment incentives introduced this year as part of the U.S. economic stimulus program.

Introduction to Landowner Wind Energy Associations

Have you been approached by a wind developer? Are you interested in leasing your land for wind development but want to make sure you are getting a fair deal?

This Introduction to Landowner Wind Energy Associations (LWEA) provides an overview to this model of landowner participation. A landowner wind energy association bridges the gap between full ownership participation and simply leasing your land. This model allows landowners to come together and combine their resources, which provides greater negotiating power with the developer. The association model can also be used to provide financial benefits to all landowners in the association, not just those who host the turbines. Download the two-page handout to learn more.

Revolution: Oklahoma Wind Energy Conference


Come learn about Oklahoma’s wind energy successes, energy policy developments, technology advancements, and what steps and actions are required to expand our state’s wind energy contribution to America’s energy mix. Featuring special keynote addresses by wind energy advocate T. Boone Pickens and Mark Tercek, CEO of The Nature Conservancy.

This exciting event will include timely seminars about wind energy growth for Oklahoma and America, including discussions about finance, resource assessment, policy, infrastructure, and other key issues, including:

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Community Wind Webinar from the Mid-Atlantic/ Southeastern Regional Wind Energy Institute - January 14, 2008

Windustry's own Lisa Daniels and Rebecca Pilcher-Cleland were two of the speakers for this webinar aimed at people interested in Community Wind in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states.

Also presenting were representatives of the Hull Wind project in Hull, MA.

Topics on the webinar include:

  • an overview to starting a community wind project (Rebecca Pilcher-Cleland);
  • financial structures for community wind projects (Lisa Daniels);
  • and a first hand account of community acceptance from Hull, MA (Andrew Stern/ Malcolm Brown).



Exploring Key Deals & Developments in the Renewable Fuel & Renewable Power Markets

Plus! New sessions on: Utility-Scale Thermal, Geothermal, Tidal Wave Energy Projects, Biomass Gasification, Hybrid Plug-in Electric Vehicles, Opportunities in Coal, M&A Activity, Algae as the Next Biofuel...and much more!

May 19th - 21st, 2008
FireSky Resort & Spa, Scottsdale, AZ

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