Connecting Renewable Energy to a Smarter Grid

October 14, 2009 - 5:06pm -- Anonymous

There are many hurdles for connecting renewable energy projects to the existing electric power grid involving transmission lines, substations, regulatory processes and more. The good news is that both industry and government groups have invested in research on how to better connect renewable energy projects to the grid and how to construct a smart grid that can support a clean energy future.

21st Century Renewable Energy Infrastructure


Washington, DC -  21st Century Infrastructure: Opportunities and Hurdles for Renewable Energy Development is a conference sponsored by the American University Washington College of Law and the Renewable & Distributed Generation Resources Committee of the ABA Section of Environment, Energy and Resources.

Topics will include:

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South Dakota PUC Interconnection Workshop


The South Dakota Public Utilities Commission will host an interconnection workshop March 18-19, 2008, in Pierre. The workshop will be held at the Kings Inn Hotel and Conference Center, 110 E. Sioux Ave. This will be the first of several workshops designed to develop a statewide best practices model for connecting small generating facilities to the electric grid.

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Community Wind Energy 2006: Home and Farm Wind Turbines - Addressing Barriers - Siting, Permitting, Zoning and Interconnection

This session focused on providing practical information and advice on addressing barriers to home and farm wind projects. Topics include: when and how to approach local boards and state agencies to secure permits, how to build support for your installation, and tips on working with your installer and utility to interconnect your wind system.

Moderator:  Brian Antonich, Small Wind Program Analyst, Windustry


Listen to audio from this session:

Part A

Part B

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