Leases and Easements

Understanding Wind Energy Leases

 Archived webinar hosted by the High Plains Energy Extension Team. This webcast provides a good overview of the wind energy development process, discusses the many important provisions found in wind energy lease and easement agreements, and then wraps up with a discussion of landowner wind energy associations. 

Speakers are Dr. Shannon Ferrell from Oklahoma State University and Sarah Hamlen from Montana State University.

Click here to watch recorded webinar.

Landowner Guide to Evaluating a Wind Developer

This handout is designed to help landowners evaluate a wind developer before they sign an agreement. It is intended to provide a brief discussion of many topics and additional resources, including:

  • Where can I find information about a developer?
  • What makes or breaks a wind project?
  • Does the developer have the ability to finance the project?
  • What is the relationship of my wind resource to electricity power lines?
  • How will I get paid?

Click below to download the PDF file.

Wind Lease Worksheet for Landowners

The Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics at Michigan State University has published a document entitled "Landowner Guidelines for Evaluating Wind Energy Production Leases". It is aimed at landowners across the country.

This worksheet is designed to help landowners evaluate some important considerations when reviewing a wind energy lease and/or easement agreement. It provides comments on alternatives to lease provisions, where appropriate, and will help walk a landowner through the often complex multi-page agreements. Click here for the .pdf file.

Wind Rights and Wrongs

This article reprint from Tierra Grande, April 2008, presents an overview of many issues regarding leasing your land to a wind developer. Topics covered include wind data, tax credits, royalties, severance clauses, surface rights and a host of other considerations. While focused on Texas, the article presents information that applies to all wind agreements in general and is useful for both landowners and attorneys.

Revolution: Oklahoma Wind Energy Conference


Come learn about Oklahoma’s wind energy successes, energy policy developments, technology advancements, and what steps and actions are required to expand our state’s wind energy contribution to America’s energy mix. Featuring special keynote addresses by wind energy advocate T. Boone Pickens and Mark Tercek, CEO of The Nature Conservancy.

This exciting event will include timely seminars about wind energy growth for Oklahoma and America, including discussions about finance, resource assessment, policy, infrastructure, and other key issues, including:

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Video conference-Missouri DNR-Community and State Economic Impacts of Wind Energy Production


The launch of wind farms in northern Missouri in the past two years has left many Missourians wanting to know about the possibilities for wind power in their communities.

Beginning Wednesday (June 25) with a live, statewide videoconference, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources’ Energy Center is conducting public forums to discuss the state’s wind energy potential.

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Webinar: Landowner Options Wind Energy in Great Lakes Region

 Webinar:  Landowner Options Wind Energy- October 11, 2007


Links to webinar materials:

  • Wind Energy: Landowner Options - This presentation covers the different options landowners have for participating in wind energy, with much of the presentation devoted to best practices and tips for leasing your land to a wind developer.
  • Using a Dispersed Strategy in Your Region - This presentation covers the basics of transmission and distribution and how to use transmission maps and tables.

We invite you to use these slides for your own meetings and presentations.

Ag Community Wind Energy Webinar


This is to announce the first in a series of web casts sponsored by Wind Powering America with the purpose of reaching out to the Ag community. These web casts will occur every other month, the first taking place on Thursday, December 13, 2007 at 9:00 PST, 10:00 MST, 11:00 CST, and 12:00 EST. The first web cast will cover the current status of the wind industry, along with the economic development and environmental benefits of wind energy, and will present some results of the AWEA/NREL analysis of the impacts of generating 20% of the Nation’s electricity from wind by 2030.

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