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Wind Energy Siting Handbook from AWEA

According to the AWEA website, "The Wind Energy Siting Handbook was developed by the AWEA Siting Committee to inform wind energy developers and other interested parties about environmental siting issues relevant to land-based commercial-scale wind energy project development in the United States.

"This handbook has been designed to provide technical information and useful tools based on the industry’s collective experience in siting wind energy projects and assessing potential impacts."

Click here to go to the AWEA website to download this 178-page document.

Wind Expo 2008 LAWEA Guadalajara 2008


WIND EXPO LAWEA 2008 is the first International Wind and Renewable Energy Conference and Exposition placed in Mexico and the biggest of its type in Latin America.

Because this is the first time this event is happening and it is in a region of an abundant, not always known, alternative energy sources; the central topic of our conference will be: ”Discovering the Power of Latin American Wind”. It is our aim that the world puts its sight to this region, which has a huge untapped renewable energy potential.

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Community Wind Webinar from the Mid-Atlantic/ Southeastern Regional Wind Energy Institute - January 14, 2008

Windustry's own Lisa Daniels and Rebecca Pilcher-Cleland were two of the speakers for this webinar aimed at people interested in Community Wind in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern states.

Also presenting were representatives of the Hull Wind project in Hull, MA.

Topics on the webinar include:

  • an overview to starting a community wind project (Rebecca Pilcher-Cleland);
  • financial structures for community wind projects (Lisa Daniels);
  • and a first hand account of community acceptance from Hull, MA (Andrew Stern/ Malcolm Brown).

Arkansas Wind Energy Conference


The Arkansas Energy Office is sponsoring a day-long Arkansas Wind Energy Conference on January 17, 2008 at the University of Arkansas at Fort Smith.

Keynote speaker Larry Flowers of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory will discuss global and national trends for wind energy.
There will also be a discussion of the costs of wind-produced electricity, land leasing and financing options through private and public/private investments.

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Wind Energy Institute


February 19-20; Austin Convention Center; Austin, TX

Join energy attorneys, developers, renewable energy experts, county officials, landowners, and regulators at the 2008 Wind Energy Institute. A nationally-recognized faculty—drawn from attorneys, developers, engineers, and key Texas policymakers—will provide you with the latest technological, business, and legal information regarding wind development. Topics include: power markets and nodal pricing; Certified Renewable Energy Zones (CREZ); siting, environmental, and leasing issues; and more.

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Wind Power Development Tutorial


Wind power is on a 25% annual growth curve. Looming carbon caps will pressure munis and IOU’s to add wind to their power supply. The capital is flowing. And FERC is actively addressing transmission access; soon the grid will be able to absorb much larger volumes of wind-generated power.

What does it really take to bring a wind farm successfully to market? What can the numbers look like, and what kinds of business models and financing vehicles will be best suited to your unique needs?

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Community Wind Energy 2006: Home and Farm Wind Turbines - Addressing Barriers - Siting, Permitting, Zoning and Interconnection

This session focused on providing practical information and advice on addressing barriers to home and farm wind projects. Topics include: when and how to approach local boards and state agencies to secure permits, how to build support for your installation, and tips on working with your installer and utility to interconnect your wind system.

Moderator:  Brian Antonich, Small Wind Program Analyst, Windustry


Listen to audio from this session:

Part A

Part B

Click here to download a summary of these presentations. 



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