Types of Jobs in Wind

Similar to any other industry, there are many different occupations necessary to keep the industry thriving. The major sectors include:

  • Manufacturing Sector
  • Service Sector
  • Sales and Marketing Sector
  • Public and Non-Profit Sector

Manufacturing Sector

  • Turbine Production
  • Tower Production
  • Gearbox and Component Parts

Service Sector

  • Site Prospecting
  • Wind Farm Development
  • Consultation
  • Construction (on-site)
  • Transportation
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Legal Assistance
  • Financing
  • Turbine Technician (Operation and Maintenance)
  • Wind Energy Forecasting and Resource Assessment

Sales and Marketing Sector

  • Turbine Sales (small and large scale)
  • Marketing

Public and Non-Profit Sector 

  • Public/Community Relations
  • Utility Company Programs
  • Non-profit Advocacy and Education
  • Policy Research and Lobbying
  • Governmental Programs

As you can see, there are as many job opportunities in wind as there are in any other mature industry. Next, you need to assess your strengths, interests, and skills in order to do some background research and get your foot in the door.


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