Updated Wind Energy Benefits Sheet from US DOE

The US Department of Energy's WindExchange has published an updated version of their Wind Energy Benefits sheet.  

Listed below are the key points from the document.

1. Wind energy is cost competitive with other fuel sources.

2. Wind energy creates jobs.

3. Wind energy is an indigenous, homegrown energy source that helps to diversify the national energy portfolio.

4. Wind energy can provide income for farmers and ranchers, as well as economic benefits to communities.

5. Wind energy is an inexhaustible renewable energy source.

6. Wind turbines do not consume water.

7. Wind energy is clean.

8. Wind energy systems have low operating costs.

9. Wind energy can be used in a variety of applications.

10.Wind energy is deployed in all U.S. regions and is widely supported.


Click below to access the fact sheet "Wind Energy Benefits."


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