Wind Energy 2002

New Economic Opportunities

November 2002
Minneapolis Convention Center
Minneapolis, MN

Through innovative legislative policy, state programs, and utility initiatives, Minnesota has begun a transition to using clean, renewable, and domestic energy sources. As the most cost-competitive and market-ready renewable energy technology, wind energy is at the forefront of this transition.

This conference drew together a diverse group of businesses, utilities, state agencies, elected officials, energy regulators, advocates, experts, engaged citizens and media- embracing a broad range of economic development, environmental and political interests- to address the issues that need to be incorporated into a plan for shaping this region’s energy future with wind power.

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  • Minnesotans for an Energy-Efficient Economy
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Conference Presentations

Thurdsay, November 21


Wind Energy 101 Continental Breakfast


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Wind Power

Welcome/Opening Session

Perspectives on the wind energy industry, policy and technology

Session 1

[Advancing MN's Renewable Energy Objective Track]
Utility Resource Planning

[Economic Development Track]
Wind Power and Economic Development

[Community-Based Wind Track]
What makes a good wind site?

[Citizen and Landowner Workshops Track]
Advocating for Wind Energy


Keynote Speaker: Paul Leinberger, RopeASW "The Green Guage Report- American Perspectives on Environmental Issues: Yes, but..."

Session 2

[Advancing MN's Renewable Energy Objective Track]
Transmission Policy

[Economic Development Track]
Overcoming Challenges to Wind Energy

[Community-Based Wind Track]
Financing Wind Projects

[Citizen and Landowner Workshops Track]
Small Scale Wind Systems I

Session 3

[Advancing MN's Renewable Energy Objective Track]
Integrating Wind Energy

[Economic Development Track]
Building a Wind Industry in Minnesota and the Midwest: Part (a)

[Community-Based Wind Track]
Wind Rights: A Negotiable Asset

[Citizen and Landowner Workshops Track]
Small Scale Wind Systems II

Friday, November 22

Session 4

[Advancing MN's Renewable Energy Objective Track]
Green Pricing Programs: Consumer Choice Opportunities

[Economic Development Track]
Building a Wind Industry in Minnesota and the Midwest: Part (b)

[Community-Based Wind Track]
Interconnection and Transmision

[Citizen and Landowner Workshops Track]
Building Support for Community Wind Projects

Session 5

[Advancing MN's Renewable Energy Objective Track]
Credit Trading for the Renewable Energy Objective

[Economic Development Track and Community-Based Wind Track]
Wind Energy Success Stories

[Citizen and Landowner Workshops Track]
Steps to Build a Utility-Scale Project

Lunch/Closing Plenary