Wind Turbine Base

Wind Turbine Base

Short Description: 
Replica base of a wind turbine that would produce between 250 and 750 kilowatts. The inside of this object has a mounted screen for displaying educational videos.
Interpretive Text: 

How big is the turbine that this came from? This is a replica of the base of a turbine tower. It’s the size of a base that would be used for a turbine of approximately 750kW – the turbine at Great River Energy in Maple Grove is 250kW, and a base this size could also be used for that turbine..

What are the videos playing inside?

  • “How the Lights Stay On”: Commissioned by the Energy Foundation explains for a non-technical audience how the interconnected power grid works. This video (which can be found on YouTube and here: answers the frequently asked question about renewable energy, “what happens when the wind doesn't blow and the sun doesn't shine?” This video introduces viewers to the people who run the electricity grid, the network of power plants and power lines that keep the lights on. It takes you inside the control center for the largest power system in the world (PJM) and lets utility experts explain how the variability of wind and solar generation can be managed using existing tools and techniques. The video features interviews with Andy Ott of PJM and former FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) Commissioner Mark Spitzer. It was produced by Marcacci Communications (formerly of EnergyNOW) and narrated by NBC correspondent Brian Mooar.
  • A video from NREL, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory explains the how wind energy is captured, the importance that it has in meeting our energy needs, and gives an inside look to their research facility in Golden, Colorado (30 minutes west of Denver). You can watch the video here:  
  • A satirical clip from the Colbert Report titled “Wind Power’s Health Hazards”, which addresses what some people call “wind turbine syndrome”. Watch it here:
  • A clip from Turbine Cowboys, a show that used to be on the Weather Channel. You can watch the whole video here: The parts that will be playing address the Bahama’s Turbine Installation Sections.

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