Windustry featured in children's book series

Power for the Planet, one of a six book series designed for elementary school aged children, brings environmental education and advocacy to the classroom. This book discusses energy, energy consumption and clean energy sources such as wind and solar. It describes wind turbines, and some of wind energy’s strengths and challenges. Each book in the series includes “On the Job” career spotlight interviews with people currently working to find solutions to the environmental issue highlighted by each book. Lisa Daniels, Executive Director of Windustry is interviewed in Power for the Planet about her role in promoting wind energy and her motivation for starting Windustry.  


powertest.pngEach of the six books in Our Green Planet focuses on a different environmental issue and discusses ideas for solving and preventing those issues. The books take complicated environmental topics and turn them into understandable but still detailed, insightful narratives that can be understood by, and be interesting to, elementary school aged children. Our Green Earth books describe environmental issues in ways that connect the reader to the topic, by relating the issues to everyday lives, and by including questions, interactive experiments and specific actions readers can accomplish in effort to improve their environmental knowledge and impact.

Power for the Planet and all the Our Green Earth books are published by Red Chair Press and are written by Anne Flounders. They can be ordered directly from Lerner Publishing at On the Lerner website, type either “Power for the Planet” or “Our Green Earth” into the search box on the top of the webpage or check out the paperback version here.

Reading Level: Grade 3, Interest level: Grades 2-5

Friends in the Wild

Getting from Here to There

Growing Good Food

Healthy Trees, Healthy Planet

Power for the Planet

Reducing Waste

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  • Julie Hunter
    commented 2016-11-24 05:51:39 -0600
    I’m searching for these books I read like 15 years back, they were these youthful grown-up books about these children (and a teacher I think) that would circumvent the world understanding these puzzles. The books of ttp:// were fairly short and had a group of exceptionally basic, yet mind-set setting pictures. They would go to old mansions and covered chambers and find concealed sections and stuff. The spreads had a sort of workmanship nouveau style to them. Goodness, and its not Boxcar Children.