Windustry Internships

Windustry is contributing to green economic development and education through hands-on internships, trainings and seminars in the field of wind energy and renewable energy for all ages and skill levels.

At Windustry, we believe educating and training civic and community groups and the general public is a vital aspect of carrying out our mission. Our outreach and education program offers the Wind Energy Center, presentations, and classroom education opportunities. Although we are not currently planning and producing our very popular community renewable energy conferences we strive to inform and promote wind and renewable energy to as many people as we can. As projects and funding allow, we provide hands-on training, as well as volunteer and employment opportunities.

We have worked with several farm organizations, rural communities and utilities as well as policy leaders. For more than a dozen years we have provided internship opportunities for students and recent graduates from the University of Minnesota, Humphrey School of Public Policy, Carleton College, St. Olaf College, Macalester and many others, and we collaborate with clean energy advocates and organizations throughout the Midwest.

If you work with specific groups that would like to learn about wind and renewable technologies as local solutions, you’ve come to the right place! Windustry employees and contractors regularly deliver speaking presentations at conferences and other events on a for-hire basis, or when our budget allows, pro-bono. Please contact us if you are looking for a speaker for your event and/or would like more information.


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