#StickWindHere Campaign Launches!

Windustry's #StickWindHere campaign has officially launched!  This video-based outreach campaign was recently funded by the Conservation Media Group to help us spread the word about Community and Community-Shared Wind Projects

How it started:

During the summer, Lisa Daniels (Windustry Executive Director) attended CMG's 2015 Catalyst Energy Workshops. While at the workshops, she paired up with independent filmmaker Jordan Fein and UNH Sustainability Institute Climate Fellow Ravdeep Jaidka to create a Catalyst Capstone Project for Windustry. As a result, they developed a concept for the #StickWindHere campaign & video. The goal of #StickWindHere is to build conversation about how easily wind can be incorporated into a community, as well as to illustrate and highlight how it is already being used. The concept video for the campaign includes a fun and graphic image of a hand holding a cut-out wind turbine, showing placement of wind power in various places that anyone might be able to relate to having in their own town.  Read more about the Conservation Media Grant here.

Where it is going:

Windustry is actively collecting signatures on a petition that will be delivered to the White House Administration at the end of 2015.  It is a call to action to encourage them to start a new initiative: the National Community Wind Partnership. The partnership would convene experts to address barriers to community wind and it will jumpstart new initiatives.  

Find out more:

Watch our video, read FAQs, find resources, sign the petition, and download your own model wind turbine here!

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