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  • Featured post

    Updated Wind Energy Benefits Sheet from US DOE

    The US Department of Energy's WindExchange has published an updated version of their Wind Energy Benefits sheet.   Listed below are the key points from the document.
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  • Featured press release

    Presentation and Video from USDA-REAP Webinar

    March 16, 2015
    Contact: Windustry

    We have the slides and video available from our February 12, 2015 webinar, USDA REAP Opportunities and How to Apply.

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  • Latest from the blog

    Community Wind Awards 2015

    USDA receives honors for Rural Energy for America Program at Distributed Wind Conference The Windustry Board of Directors along with a Peer Group of professionals who work in Community and Distributed Wind today presented the Community Wind Distinguished Service Award. This award is given annually to a person or program that has made exceptionally significant contributions, over several years, to the establishment and growth of locally owned and distributed wind as a uniquely valuable form of clean, renewable energy.
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    The White House on Wind Energy

    The White House has published several items relating to its support for wind energy this year.  
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