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  • #StickWindHere

    Based on the story of wind and its role in powering our world, #stickwindhere is the impassioned tale of how wind can and does free our energy future. Set in present day America, the future is yet unwritten and anything is possible. Scanning the landscape, it becomes clear that a resource capable of adapting to and accommodating our environment is needed. After witnessing how wind is already at work, it is clear that with this initiative, we can strengthen our communities and our future through wind energy.

    Tools to help you #stickwindhere in your community


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  • Latest from the blog

    Windustry Summer 2019 Internships

    BACKGROUND: Windustry is a non-profit based in Minneapolis. Our mission is to promote sustainable energy solutions and empower communities to develop and own clean energy assets. As an independent voice acting in support of communities, we work, through education, outreach and advocacy, to advance broad community commitment to renewable energy. To learn more about Windustry, visit
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    Windustry Spring 2019 Appeal

    A 60-meter meteorological tall tower donated by Windustry to the Northern Cheyenne Tribal Community was installed in its new home last November, near Garfield Peak in Eastern Montana. It is now sending daily data files and will help determine the wind project development for the tribal community.
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