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Community Renewables are Ready to Deliver, both to combat climate change and to provide economic development.

Windustry® promotes community green energy as a robust economic engine for communities that:

  • Deploys large amounts of green energy more quickly than the alternatives
  • Stimulates new, expanded and sustainable revenues
  • Creates new green jobs that stay in the community
  • Increases local and national energy security
  • Empowers communities to become producers of their own energy and economic future
  • Saves money

Windustry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization funded through grants and donations from individuals, families, and businesses. Donations support our work in educating communities about renewable energy, Community Renewables, and innovative ownership models; providing continuous updates to the Community Wind Toolboxpresenting webinars on key topics in wind energy; providing technical assistance to communities interested in launching wind energy projects; and advocating for public policy that advances smart energy development.

Help Community Renewables Grow.

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