Questions and Answers about #stickwindhere

What do you mean by #stickwindhere?

This is about small and community scale wind projects.  They are important solutions for building our sustainable energy system. Community wind projects can be found powering schools, hospitals, villages, factories, farms, homes, retail stores, and more! Can you find a place to stick wind in your community?

Isn't wind energy too expensive for my community?

No!  There are many options for financing a community wind project.  Check out these links:


 Business Models for Community Wind


 Case Studies of Community Wind


 Community Wind Toolbox

An emerging business model, Community-Shared Wind, will make it even easier to participate in wind energy. Windustry is proposing a National Community Wind Partnership, which will allow individuals to invest directly in wind projects and receive credits on their utility bills.

What is the difference between Community Wind and Community-Shared Wind?

There are two forms of development that this campaign encourages: Community Wind and Community-Shared Wind.  

  • Community Wind: a project that is locally owned and provides a sizable percentage of power for a business, community, or public building.  
  • Community-Shared Wind: a project with subscribing members from the community.  Each of these members see their return as a credit on their utility bills instead of a dividend check.  Presently, community-shared renewables is an emerging business model that has mostly been applied to solar energy.  However, it could easily include wind energy.