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New Report Shows Potential Growth of Distributed Wind Energy for On-Site Power

The U.S. Department of Energy recently released a first-of-its-kind assessment of the potential future growth of distributed wind energy in the United States through 2050. Continue reading

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Distributed Wind Power

This article is part of the series highlighting the “Top Things You Didn’t Know About…” and was written by Alice Orrell, Energy Analyst, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. The original article can be found here. Continue reading

Wind Energy Permit Toolkit

A new Wind Energy Permit Toolkit from our colleagues at the Northwest Wind Resource & Action Center is available!  This toolkit  includes information on how jurisdictions can standardize their zoning regulations and permitting processes to ensure safe and cost-effective wind energy development that is appropriate for their community. Strategies are provided for both large-scale wind projects connected to transmission lines and small-scale projects intended for on-site use.  Continue reading

Business Models Report

Windustry has researched many of the financing options for wind energy, with a focus on community wind projects.  This information has been put into the Wind Library to add to our growing collection of guides and toolkits. Continue reading

County Wind Ordinances in Minnesota

Windustry has updated a survey of the county wind ordinances in Minnesota.  Our new version includes an analysis and links to ordinances for 65 counties. The analysis is limited to whether or not the ordinance addresses the following issues:   Continue reading

Slides & Video from Wind Vision webinar

We have the slides and video available from our recent Midwest Wind Energy Center webinar about the Wind Vision report, given by Rich Tusing.

Slides & Video from Social Acceptance Webinar

We have slides and video available from our recent Midwest Wind Energy Center Webinar about Social Acceptance for Wind, given by Eric Lantz.

White House Announces Rural Climate Actions

The White House recently announced a series of actions designed to address rural communities. It is Financing Hundreds Of Projects To Reduce Carbon Pollution In Rural Communities. Continue reading

Slides & Video from Wind Lease Webinar

We have the slides and video available from the April 2015 webinar, "Wind Lease Info for Farmers, Ranchers, & Rural Landowners."   This webinar includes information about how to evaluate a wind lease for both short and long terms, Power Purchase Agreements, and issues that could negatively affect a wind lease.

Guest Post from Student Tony Davis

Regardless of the paths we have chosen for ourselves, there are always opportunities to make a positive impact on our world. Whether you started in sales, as an entrepreneur, maintenance technician, or any other professional, there is time to apply those skills towards making a positive impact in your community. Renewable energies are becoming more and more vital for our society to function efficiently and sustainably. With individual commitment and community support, renewable energy use will continue to grow at an exponential rate. Continue reading

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