At Windustry, we believe educating and training civic and community groups and the general public is a vital aspect of carrying out our mission. Our outreach and education program offers the Wind Energy Center, presentations, and classroom education opportunities. Although we are not currently planning and producing our very popular community renewable energy conferences we strive to inform and promote wind and renewable energy to as many people as we can. As projects and funding allow, we provide hands-on training, as well as volunteer and employment opportunities.

We have worked with several farm organizations, rural communities and utilities as well as policy leaders. For more than a dozen years we have provided internship opportunities for students and recent graduates from the University of Minnesota, Humphrey School of Public Policy, Carleton College, St. Olaf College, Macalester and many others, and we collaborate with clean energy advocates and organizations throughout the Midwest.

Current Opportunities

Windustry currently has two summer 2017 internship positions available in Research/Communications and Event Coordination. Applications will be accepted until May 1st. Please see the internship opportunity announcement available here for more details. 

Updated: April 24, 2017


Intern Experiences

 "Being a graduate Mechanical Engineering student with an affinity for Wind Energy and a desire to enter the industry, Windustry was a perfect fit for my ambitions. I have done many projects related to Wind but my internship at Windustry definitely taught me the most about the Wind Industry as a whole and how it functions. It helped me gain unprecedented real-world experience in this field and participating in events like the Minnesota State Fare and the Detroit Maker’s Faire were brilliant opportunities to spread the word about the benefits of Wind Energy. Working with Lisa and the team was absolutely enriching and I was made to feel right at home. This internship set me on my path and it was definitely one of the best summers I have spent!"

- Rishab Turakhia, Mechanical Engineering student at University at Buffalo 
Windustry Intern 2016

"Working as a communications and research intern with Windustry allowed me to gain real experience working with stakeholders at the local, state, and national level. As an intern, I developed practical skills and gained institutional knowledge that is invaluable in my current fellowship work in Washington DC."  

-Charlotte Wood, AGI/Schlumberger Fellow in Geoscience Communication at The American Geosciences Institute
Windustry Intern 2014

 "As a novice to the wind industry, working with Lisa Daniels and Windustry was a wonderful introduction to understanding wind energy. From attending industry meetings (Wind on the Wires), working on a Department of Energy grant, to site visits, to the MN State Fair, working with Windustry gave me the opportunity to participate in experiential learning opportunities that broadened my knowledge of wind energy and reinforced skills and tools that I have been learning in school."   

-Marta Monti, Master of Public Policy Candidate, Humphrey School of Public Affairs | University of Minnesota, Twin Cities 
Windustry Intern 2014 

"After living in Germany and witnessing one of the most sustainable cities in the world, I was concerned about how the U.S was working toward similar goals. While interning for Windustry I gained a better understanding of the organizations working together to reach similar achievements, such as 40% renewable energy by 2030. It was great to work with people who are committed to educating others about the wonderful resources we have and who are deeply passionate about providing a better environment for generations to come."

-Ashley Grell, Interpretive Specialist at Como Zoo and Conservatory 
Windustry Intern 2013

​"I grew enormously while working with Windustry. Not only was I able to explore my interest in sustainability, renewable energy, and community organizing, I learned the core concepts of energy policy, capital finance, and community ownership. Many of the skills and competencies I practiced with Windustry I use in my daily professional life and will continue to leverage them throughout my career."

-Nile Eckhoff, Associate at The Agency RE
Windustry Intern 2012

 "I interned with Windustry in the fall of 2011. During my time there, I created an interactive map of community wind projects across the US. I was glad to be able to use my skills in GIS and my knowledge of wind power to do something tangible that could be released for public use. Although the organization has changed significantly since my time there, I recognize my accomplishments on a personal level, and I have remained in the world of wind energy by continuing on with a job at the KidWind Project and REcharge Labs in Minneapolis."

-Ava Buchanan, KidWind Project and REcharge Labs
Windustry Intern 2011