Guest Post from Student Tony Davis

tonyDavis.jpgRegardless of the paths we have chosen for ourselves, there are always opportunities to make a positive impact on our world. Whether you started in sales, as an entrepreneur, maintenance technician, or any other professional, there is time to apply those skills towards making a positive impact in your community. Renewable energies are becoming more and more vital for our society to function efficiently and sustainably. With individual commitment and community support, renewable energy use will continue to grow at an exponential rate.

As an Economics graduate from the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business, I never thought that I would become so passionate about the wind industry. However, Sustainability classes at Iowa introduced me to the environmental, economic, and social issues our planet must balance for society to thrive. It sparked my interest in the field, and ultimately led me to where I am today.

In an attempt to combine my business experience to the wind industry, I decided to join the Wind Energy and Turbine Technology program at Iowa Lakes Community College located in Estherville, Iowa. Best decision of my life thus far. Tucked between miles and miles of farmland in Northwest Iowa, Estherville’s windy days and star filled nights have become my home away from home.

Ascend.jpgThere are a number of details I have learned in a short time in windy Estherville. To start, safety is the number one priority for anyone plying their trade in wind - working with electricity, especially “at height,” requires adherence to strict safety standards. One experiences a sense of exhilaration when looking at the world from 300 feet above ground. For someone like me who used to be afraid of heights, those safety procedures only help to enhance that excitement. Also, Field Training labs provide hands-on experience in climbing, repelling, rescue, and work within a turbine. There is never a dull day in class.

Turbines come in all different sizes and models and can be designed to fit in your unique community. Wind is abundant, and we should harness it and turn it into electricity. It is truly amazing how you can turn something seemingly irrelevant into something that powers your devices, homes and businesses.

Attach_rescued_tech_2.jpgYou don't need to know exactly what you want to do in order to make a difference. Take me for example: I thought business and sales were my calling. I enjoy talking with people and helping them solve their problems. Wind requires similar problem solving skills. However, technical training is required in order to make a lasting impact on the industry as a whole. I am attending Iowa Lakes in order to do just that, and I could not be happier. Find ways to connect your current experience with a career you are passionate about. Carve your own unique path. With that in mind, you can make a lasting impact in your community and the world in which you live.


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  • Norman Oliver
    commented 2017-01-09 06:49:43 -0600
    We realize that U.S. wind vitality has been developing at a fabulous rate, with enough introduced limit with regards to 20 million average American homes and a great deal more in transit.
  • Jone Jenkinss
    commented 2016-12-13 04:49:50 -0600
    The day gone by is not ours to get better, however the next day is ours to win or lose.