Program Analyst & Project Manager

Since joining Windustry in 2010, Dan has been project director for the Small Wind Bulk Buy/Resource Center and for three projects exploring the potential for Community Wind around the country, one in West Virginia, one in Wisconsin, and the third in Montana. Dan has also given a variety of presentations at different events, authored Windustry's Small Wind Guide and Small Wind Financial Calculator for Minnesota, an article on mid-sized turbines for North American Windpower, and others, and has served as an expert reviewer for a variety of projects.

Prior to joining Windustry, Dan worked as a renewable energy consultant with Wind Utility Consulting providing preliminary and full feasibility studies for a variety of organizations considering distributed wind energy usually involving one or more utility-scale wind turbines. He has a wide range of skills and expertise including complex problem solving, strategic planning, small project planning and management, financial modeling in the wind industry, grant writing, technical report development, research, teaching, presentation and public-speaking. Dan has a Ph.D. in Philosophy, and would like to live in a world in which his grandchildren could see glaciers in Glacier National Park.

Contact: Dan.Turner(at)Windustry(dot)org

Dan Turner 61sc

Dan Turner